How to Advertise Your Small Business For Free and Get Consistent Results

Advertising, marketing and promotion are the life blood of any new or existing enterprise. Even the most well-known, brand recognizable businesses like McDonald’s and Taco Bell advertise on a regular and continuous basis. These companies do not rest on their laurels because they have ‘made it’ and close their ad campaigns because the job is done. Regardless of how successful they are monetarily, they keep the promotional fires going year after year. Given, their advertising budgets are enormous do to their financial success, so they can afford to spend the money. As a small business owner it is doubly important to have an active and ongoing ad campaign in order to attract new business and to keep the old customers interested. Marketing a business is not cheap, however, and for the small businessman or woman keeping one going is usually a “catch 22.” It’s often a matter of spending money you don’t have for results that are usually not immediately felt. Here are some tips on how to advertise for free all over the internet and how to keep the process continuous.

In order for an ad campaign to be effective it must be treated as if it were a long term investment. In other words, time, energy and money must be added to it regularly over a long period of time. In exchange for such dutiful care and attention your business will experience long term growth. Marketing is not just another expense for the benefit of short term gains. Your message should be steady and consistent. Understandably, however, many small businesses are strapped for cash and are just trying to stay afloat. This makes it all the more urgent to start taking action now.

There are three things that you can start doing immediately. The first is to begin writing articles like the one you are reading (Article Marketing). In exchange for giving information and advice readers will be provided with a vital link back to your website. In this way you can drive traffic to your site on a regular basis. Second, start to upload videos about your business and products to such video sharing sites like YouTube, Google and Yahoo. When people go online they look for video content as much as text. Thirdly, take advantage of free social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. You can build brand recognition and a “buzz” about your business by networking with new friends and contacts that couldn’t be met any other way. Become a master of social media and stick to it for the long haul. You will reap the rewards in greater revenues and profits. Take action now. You can do it.