Fashion Jewelry Business Online – Profitable Drop Ship Venture You Can Launch

The current economic crisis has created new entrepreneurs from among those office lady workers who have been temporarily laid off as the downsizing of companies continue due to the financial crunch. If you are one of those out of a job now, consider going into the drop shipping business online and since you are fond of jewelries, the best line of business you can pursue should be in fashion jewelry. You are familiar with the language in the business and there is no reason you will not make good in this field. Just ask your techie husband to make a beautiful website for you specializing in the area of jewelry. You will not run out of women jewelry addicts who are searching regularly online the best deals they can get in this business.

There is no need to invest any money in this venture since you have already a computer and the Internet connection – main tools that you will use for this venture. As to your source of the  jewelry items, you can source them at wholesale prices from the big wholesale firms in fashion jewelry who at this time anyway are looking for many sellers of their products online. The business in jewelry is now a craze worldwide as the foreign women are as fashion- conscious as our own women. The fashion jewelry wholesalers have expanded their business worldwide since there is always this market in many other countries other than our own.

You can easily arrange partnerships with jewelry wholesale firms – and you may already have known some of them in the past because of your fondness for jewelries You should not have any difficulty at all doing business with them now.

While enjoying your life-long love for fashion jewelry, this is the time for you to make good profits from your hobby – just right for you at this time since you are just staying home. But you do not have to worry about that – the online jewelry business can be done even from your own bedroom, as long as you have the computer in there. Literally, you can do this worldwide business even in your pajamas.

4 Common Lies They Tell You About Your Own Internet Business

I don’t know how often you check your inbox in one day, but measured by my own experience I can guess that 99% of the e-mails are almost always about your own internet business and most of them are just too good to be true.

These look familiar to you?

WARNING!!! Ignoring This Email Will Cost You $$Thousands $$ …       
I Marketed a Replicated Site and Made $ 0.00 …
Then I made $ 25 951.43 in 3 Days!

Don’t be fooled and jump in. Be warned…

Let’s look at 4 of the most common lies they tell you about your own internet business that you should be looking out for:

1. Get-Rich-Quick:

You should be wary of this kind of over exaggerated claims. What is my advice to you when you are looking for a business opportunity and find a website that claims that their service or product can make you a millionaire overnight? Chuckle, move on and search for other websites with real business opportunities.

Starting any business requires an investment of your time, money and hard work. It never, never, ever… believe me… comes easy. If somebody made you believe that the money is already there, ready to be collected! Wake up my friend. Get real.

Success and an internet business require work, often over a period of several months, before it pays off. Well, the truth on the other hand is that nobody can stop it when it starts to pay off.

2. No Experience Necessary:

If you can click with your mouse and use the computer keyboard you can start with your own internet business. You don’t have to know how to build a website, don’t have to know any HTML and you don’t have to know anything about internet marketing. Even an eight year old will be able to do it.

Do you really think it will be that easy? Good I didn’t think so. Remember, nothing on the internet is that easy. Lucky for you… some people only find out when they are already in… too late to pull out.

The technical knowledge about website building and HTML will not be a very big issue if you have enough money because you will be able to outsource it to a company that can take care of that. That is only possible if you have the money.

Running any business requires some kind of marketing knowledge and a little experience to start off. To build a successful business you will have to do the marketing yourself. This is the part that unfortunately cannot be outsourced to other people. You will need to do research and some kind of planning to build your business. You will also need an expert to help you build your own internet business.

3. This Is All You Need To Start Making Money In A Couple Of Hours:

You are a newbie and don’t have any idea of how the system that you have just signed up for works, but you have been promised that you can start making money within a couple of hours and you expect not to have anything else to buy or to pay for.

As soon as you have signed up and paid for the product you find out that you have to do another couple of payments to get started: (example)

You have to pay for your domain name at Go Daddy
You have to pay for the web hosting at Host Gator

This is your first obstacle. If you don’t have the money to pay for the domain name and for the hosting, you cannot start making money within a couple of hours. If you are lucky and have the money to set up your website you can carry on to the next step. The next step is a library of video tutorials and e-books with step by step instructions to set up your system. You are a newbie and it will probably take you a couple of days just to work through the tutorials to set up your system.

Question is: When will you start marketing? With the marketing process you will certainly have to buy another couple of tools to effectively market your own internet business and every single company have their own programs that they promote.

Why didn’t they give you a detailed list of everything that you will have to pay for before your original signup? You can figure out that one by yourself. 

4. This Is As Easy As ABC:

That’s a lie! Don’t believe it. As already mentioned under #2 above, nothing on the internet is easy.

To be successful with your own internet business you will have to learn how to market and to make money through the best marketing methods that will work for you. You will have to educate yourself. This will be an ongoing learning process that will not stop while you are running your business on the internet. Why? Because everything on the internet is constantly changing. The trends are always changing and to keep up with the changes you will have to educate yourself. Even the Guru’s are always learning.

If you are not willing to invest in self education to keep up with the changing trends,  I am afraid that you are going to lose out.

Having access and knowledge of these 4 common lies, you will now have an advantage over most of your competitors of new entrepreneurs that enters the internet to start their own business. You can avoid the mistakes that most of us made by believing all the junk that are being told to us by fraudsters all over the internet.

Dare to Dream – Small Business Loans Available in 2009

The recent economy has been difficult for many, but one pleasant effect of the downturn is the new opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Large companies with big budgets and fixed expenses are becoming obsolete, and small business owners in niche markets are sliding in to benefit from the situation.

Nevertheless, it is still tough for a small business owner to obtain the loans they need to capitalize on these opportunities.

I have been a finance specialist  for twenty years, and, while they may not be easy to find, I can assure you that loan opportunities for entrepreneurs are available. However, an entrepreneur will have difficulty navigating the market because in the current environment loan opportunities change rapidly and often.

The first step to your financing success will be to research the non-bank financing alternatives available to small business owners as traditional bank options are becoming much less available. You may prefer to find an advisor who has the contacts and the expertise in the small business financing arena. That expert can act as your advocate with the lenders and work on your behalf in obtaining the financing you need.

There are several attractive options for equipment financing and other small business loans that might be great for your company.

1. New Small Business Administration Programs. There has been a lot of promotion by the Small Business Administration for some new programs they have established for the small business owner. While these loans sound great and often are, the government requirements and paperwork often results in the borrower throwing up their hands in surrender.

SBA regulations can be very annoying and even corrode your company’s effectiveness if you don’t have the know-how or capacity to satisfy them. My recommendation is that if you find an SBA Loan would help your company, find a qualified small business finance advisor who knows the SBA requirements to minimize the administrative details for you and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

2. Great resources are available for leasing or purchasing equipment for very little (if any) down-payment. You can often be approved and funded in less than a week. Unfortunately, these programs aren’t promoted well, and the underwriting process can be difficult. As I mentioned before, a good financial advisor can help to bridge these difficult roadblocks so you can obtain your equipment financing in no time at all.

3. There are more private equity and non-bank lending options available now that the stock market performance has required high net worth individuals to seek alternate investments for their funds. Good financial advisors have an active Rolodex of these types of investors and know what they are looking for from the companies they invest in.

The standards used by Lenders when reviewing potential small business lending opportunities are different than they once were. Your job is to make sure that your small business shines in the best possible way in the particular areas that lenders are concerned with.

Under the best possible circumstances you will be able to show your lender great credit scores and outstanding financial statements. A prime underwriting concern today is cash flow, and the ability to repay your loan, with past records to support it will be closely reviewed. The most cautious lenders will also be looking for a second way to be repaid, such as a guarantor or some form of collateral.

If you don’t fit the lender mold of an ideal borrower, it is even more important to engage an experienced small business financial advisor to be your representative as soon as possible. He will guide you through the difficult process of creating a loan presentation explaining your unique situation in a way that will encourage lenders to approve your loan.

You may find that private financing is the right option for your business, and a trained financial advisor will be able to connect you with the right investor. By no means, dont give up on your dreams for your business now. Opportunity abounds for the small business owner in this changing economy and the right financial advisor will be just what you need to achieve your goals.