You Can Be a Mom and a Successful Entrepreneur!

More and more women and moms today are becoming successful entrepreneurs and business women. It only makes simple sense, for more women to learn from example and take on the entrepreneurial road. But the question that hits most of us is how? What market segment should I enter, and what kind of product should I sell? More often than not, the biggest success stories of businesses lie in the founder’s passions. Most of these business magnates have had a burning desire to do something that is close to their hearts. In this article, I will address how to identify WHERE to start.

Step One -What Is YOUR Passion?- What brings you pure joy? It might be a love for cooking that could lead to being a personal chef or it might be passion for fitness that might make one a personal trainer and lead her to own her own personal training studio. Even someone who feels strongly about making the right investment choices and has a keen business and market sense might end up owning an investment banking advisory firm. The options are limitless and growth unbound. You set your boundaries by setting your goals. Don’t let anything else deter you from realizing your dreams.

Step Two- Who is already doing it? When you identify what it is you love and what you would do for free, begin doing your homework. Who is already doing what you want to do. What is your competition like? How can you change or improve on what the majority is already doing?

Step Three- Begin writing your business plan. What is your first step? How much money do you have to apply to your business? Where can you get the money you need? How RESOURCEFUL can you or must you be in order to turn your dream into a reality? What tools do you need in order to put it all into place?

You can achieve your dream on your own as many women have and still do, however the most successful women who are now making 6 and 7 figures have the support of a coach, mentor and support group. They clearly understand the value of having all of these as part of their business plan. Their success came to them quicker and more clearly as opposed to doing it all on their own.